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Blocks well over 99% of spam - Our industry leading filtering process stops spam using some of the very best methods available. This is done with 99.999% delivery of your legitimate mail(almost no false-positives)

Unlimited messages - Unlike many services we will not charge extra fees for additonal messages beyond a set limit. We will process it all for you. Our system is designed to handle the heaviest of loads.

Anti-virus scanning - Your email attachments are scanned for viruses, if found the email is immediately quarantined or deleted based on your settings. This reduces the security risk tremendously by keeping this type of threat far away from your network and your inboxes.

Easy start-up - All that is needed to enable our service on your domain is a quick update to your domains 'mx' settings as well as letting us know your email account usernames. That's it!

No software needed - No special software (or hardware) is required for you to buy or maintain. There is no learning curve, simply use your email as you always have (minus the junk).

Fully managed service - Your email service will be maintained and managed by our crew around the clock. The data centers are staffed by professionals keeping things running smooth and trouble free.

Best available accuracy - Unlike many services we do not utilize inferior methods to filter your mail. Even medical groups who often can't use such services can utilize ours without issue. Often times certain medical terms will cause emails in such companies to be blocked by other firewalls. Not ours. This applies to law firms and real estate agencies as well (ads with such offers will not be blocked just because they are of this type).

Temporary archiving - We do not charge extra for temporarily storing your emails in the event your email server goes down, it will remain with our service until yours is available.

Greatly reduce bandwidth - Having your email managed for you and the junk removed offsite has great advantages to include a great savings in bandwidth usage, disk storage and CPU usage. The cost savings many times more than covers the cost of our service.

Phishing scam blocking - We will detect and remove emails that contain fraudulent content that try and dupe you into sending sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details.

Intuitive control panel - Out of the box settings will work great, but if needed our admin panel allows hi-tech control and insight into your account. (click on any of the following links to view a screenshot)
Each user has their own control panel allowing them to view stunning visual statistics that are completely customizable. You may remove or add various categories from the chart display. View totals by hour, day, week, month or year. A world map shows email sender distribution by geographical area. View all charts by volume or bandwidth saved. You may enlarge, save, or print charts directly. Truly the best email statistics display around.
Your quarantine viewer is there for your piece of mind and so you may view the junk that was caught if you so desire. You may preview any of the messages safely in the viewing window. In the unlikely event that good mail was placed there it does allow you to release the message and have it delivered or you may optionally forward it to any email address. You may also export the list in CSV text format and for those savvy enough you may also view through an RSS feed. Leaving things at default and never using this viewer is very possible due to the accuracy of our system. In fact, many do just that.
Individual accounts may control various aspects of filter aggressiveness and the way messages are handled. Select from many aggressiveness levels in various categories and also choose to quarantine, forward, delete or tag the emails marked as spam and phishing scams. Viruses can be either quarantined or deleted.
Setup individual black and white lists and also choose to reject emails from specific countries or written in specific languages. Keep in mind much of this may never be needed, leaving the setup as default achieves fantastic results in almost all cases, it is just there for those special situations that may require additional help.
Your system admin has access to a system wide version of this control panel which allows monitoring of all stats and emails across all of the accounts domains. This includes a system wide quarantine viewer and the ability to select system wide aggressiveness defaults, message handling rules, black/white lists and country/language filters. The admin will also have the ability to select any of the user accounts or domains and work with them individually. There is of course the ability to add or remove domains and users as needed. Groups may also be created to give certain preference selections to different accounts.

Filtered email reports - Receive, if you desire, daily or weekly summary reports of your spam statistics. If selected, you may receive a periodic email sent to the specific email address which will contain a review of the emails blocked. The email will also provide you with links that give quick one-click access to your quarantine.

Unlimited email aliases - Add unlimited email aliases to each user, also add unlimited domain aliases to each domain. So, say you have several email addresses you would like to end up all in one account, email aliases allows you to do this. Or if you have multiple domains for your business and you wish to collect for the same addresses for all of them and place into the email boxes on just one domain, it is as easy as adding those domain names as aliases.

Add multiple domains - Unlike other spam filter services you can add multiple domains to a single account. This makes it easier for administration as well as having the ability to bring costs down. You may add as many domains as you like to each account, so ie. you purchase a 20 user account, you may have 20 domains with 1 email at each domain if you like. There is no additional charge for adding domains.

Ideal for business - In corporate or even small business situations you (or your IT department) should not have to deal with the added hassle that spam and viruses introduce. The added drain on your systems and cost in labor, not to mention equipment and software, is just not worth it when we can do it for you.

Up to the minute updates - Spam filtering systems that are not updated frequently will not accurately block all the junk from the most recent spamming campaigns. We do and this gives you a complete solution for your spam prevention needs.

Multiple redundant servers - Having multiple servers in various locations and on different networks is necessary in providing you with continuous service without interruption as well as giving you a fool-proof back-up plan for collecting your mail should your own service ever go down.

Still not convinced? See for yourself. Give our 100% risk free trial a chance. No credit card needed.
You have nothing to lose, except all the junk!

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