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How does it block?

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When email is sent around the internet it needs to be told where to go. This is done through 'mx' record settings that can typically be changed at your domain providers website. By updating these settings to point to our servers we now handle your email and can filter out all the 'Junk' and send just the good stuff to you.

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Our hi-tech filters are far beyond most typical spam and virus filtering systems on the market today. Filtering for just 'trigger' words is a thing of the past. Our process sends your email through multiple layers of filters which quickly access all of our up to the minute rules and algorithms in real time comparing them each to your email content. The emails identified as junk are then processed per your settings which can be altered(or left as default) in your control panel. The result is near perfect legitimate email being sent to your current email server location for you to pick up just as you do now.