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Spam Filtering

The best in spam protection for your business or personal domain email accounts.

Virus Protection

An anti virus solution that will keep your email free of unwanted viruses.

Anti Phishing

Eliminate all of those scams that try to trick you into giving out valuable information.

Unlimited Messages

There are no extra fees for heavy email message processing.

Multiple Domains

Add as many domains as you like to each account, great cost savings.

Stop Wasting Time Dealing With Spam!

Our Spam Filter Blocks Over 99% Of The Junk!

Do you own or operate a domain? ie. ...and receive way too much junk email in your inboxes? ie. at,  ...then you need our services!
We are a hosted spam filter solution, a 'cloud' email security service that will give you the very best in spam and virus blocking. A perfect business spam filtering solution or even great for small personal website junk mail problems.

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If you are not using an outside filtering service, then you have unwanted junk coming into your corporate or personal network, eating up your resources and clogging your mail server.
Spam accounts for 260 billion messages per day, that's 89% of all emails! Spam reduces employee productivity, threatens network security, and costs you time and money. It's volume is increasing and so is the impact on your business and life. Get control of your inbox with our email filtering solution!

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There is no need to install or learn any new software, nor even change the way you use your current email... with Junk Blocker you simply stop receiving most spam and viruses(almost none). Use of the extremely easy-to-use admin control panel is not required and actually usually unnecessary. Out of the box our system has a proven track record of blocking well over 99% of all unwanted email.
Spam and viruses never touch your network or servers
 - Less load on your server
 - Decreased bandwidth & storage usage
 - No hardware or software to buy or maintain
Try our spam and virus protection with full
features completely risk free for 30 days.
No credit card needed! Easy Setup

Try It Now-  30 Day Free Trial